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How to set up a professional home based


'Start your own professional home based food business' with my new step-by-step online training course that will guide you through setting up and running your own 'work from home' food business cooking or baking in your own kitchen.

The course explains how to register your new food business, how to apply to be self-employed and covers all aspects of food safety management including food safety training and HACCP with a detailed section of how to create and manage a HACCP plan with multiple templates and downloads for your personal use. I have also included a copy of my own HACCP plan to offer you guidance in creating your own food management system. It's all here.... months of work just waiting to help you!


You could be up and running your very own food business is just a few days 🙌 with minimal effort, minimal risk and minimal costs! Why spend time researching what to do, when I've done it all for you? 


My courses include video and tutorials with multiple downloads, documents and templates.  All courses are pre-recorded which you can access within 24 hours after purchase. Simply purchase the course and I will send you your log-in details by email within 24 hours of receipt of payment. It's that easy!

There's never been a better time to start a home based food business
  • Do you enjoy cooking or baking at home?

  • Do you want or need to work from home?

  • Do you want to work flexible hours?

  • Do you need to work around your own children?

  • Do you want a quick route to success?

  • Do you want or need the extra income?

  • Do you just need to know how to get on and do it? 

Lady Baking in her Kitchen.png

In the current world climate there's no better time to start a business from your own home. Starting a business from home can be an excellent low cost way to create the work-life balance you might need whilst bringing in an extra income. Or perhaps you've found yourself recently unemployed and you're looking for alternative ways to bring in an income? Whatever you're reason, I'm here to help.

You probably won’t have too much time to learn entirely new business skills in order to start your own business, so what if I told you that you won’t need any new skills to start up your own flexible, work from home business?


And what if I also told you that you could run your own business by offering a service you may already really enjoy and be passionate about – cooking or baking in your own kitchen!

All you need is someone to help you shortcut, hit the ground running and avoid making costly mistakes. Someone to help you get clear on what you need to do, so you can get on and do it. Luckily, you just found that person - me!

Kat Gillespie Working Mum.png

... because I've done it myself!

I started Tot-Pots Homemade Toddler Meals shortly after my children (twins) reached the toddler stage after realising I needed a better life-work balance. 

I developed a series of recipes - all crammed with goodness, got myself registered, wrote up my food safety sheets and sourced my suppliers. I created a simple website, facebook page and knocked up some promotional flyers - I found my first customers and the rest just followed! 


Having set up and managed my own successful home based food business, I want to help you set up and run your own. A 'work from home' business offers flexibility... it gives you the opportunity to do as much or as little as you like, you can fit things in around your own family commitments as you grow and develop your business.


If I can do it, you can too - and I've made it SUPER EASY for you!

Why start a home based food business?
  • Low set-up costs

  • Low overheads

  • Work the hours you want

  • Work from home

  • Control over your own schedule

  • More time for you and your family

  • Make money doing something you enjoy

  • No more commuting

  • Control over your income

  • Tax benefits on childcare

  • Wear what you want!

  • Do your shopping when its not busy!

  • Scalability: do as much or as little as you like

  • Opportunities to expand your business

  • Additional income streams

  • Simple to follow business model​

What's included in the training course... 

My online training programme is a step-by-step guide to setting up and running your own food business from your own home and includes:

  • How to register your food business

  • How to register as self-employed

  • What financial requirements you will need

  • How to obtain your food safety certification

  • How to create and manage your HACCP plan

  • Where to source packaging

  • How to label your products

  • Multiple downloads & templates with copy of my own HACCP plan for guidance (worth £129!!)

  • Useful online resources including Covid-19 updates

  • 6 month access to the training course


The HACCP plan section of the course contains multiple downloads, documents and templates that you can use as the foundation of your own HACCP plan. Also included is a copy of my own HACCP so you can see how a complete plan looks. You can use my own plan to guide you through creating a HACCP plan that works for you. This section alone will save you weeks of creation time!


My step-by-step online training programme 'Start your own professional home based food business' will guide you through setting up and running your own 'work from home' food business cooking or baking in your own kitchen. This training course usually retails at £199. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic I am discounting this training programme by 75% to just £49. YES! Just £49 to start your own 'home based food business'. A whopping saving of £150! The price will go back to £199 on 31st January 2021.

Are you in?

Start a Home Baes Food Business 75 Covid
Still not sure this course is for you?

Get my ebook for FREE! (worth £4.95)


If you're interested in starting your own home based food business but you're having doubts... or perhaps you need a few ideas of what it is you want to cook or bake, I'll send you my eBook for FREE! Simply pop in your email address and I'll send you a link to download my eBook for free (in my shop at £4.95!)


I live in the US, is this course relevant to me?

My course is predominantly aimed at UK and Northern Ireland as many of the links throughout the course refer to specific UK and Northern Ireland regulations. I will be re-creating the entire course for the US market so please sign up to my newsletters and I'll let you know as soon as the course is available for the US. If you are based in any other location and you are interested in this training course, just let me know and I can adapt for your region. The principles of my training course can be recreated anywhere, it's just the regulations that may differ somewhat. 

Are people still buying during the pandemic? 

People still have to eat, right? With fewer people wanting to shop at the supermarket and more people expecting home deliveries, there really has never been a better time to offer a homemade toddler meal delivery service. You can even partner with a food delivery company to deliver your food orders for you 👍

Have another question?

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