Start Your Own Baby & Toddler Meal Business!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021


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I'm super excited to be telling you about my new training programme 'Start Your Own Baby & Toddler Meal Business’. It's a step-by-step programme offering video and tutorials covering all the basic business know-how, legalities of running a food business from your own home, setting up social media, sourcing suppliers, marketing tips, finding your first customers... there's also loads of downloadable templates and worksheets saving you lots of time and effort! It's a fantastic work from home opportunity. Running your own business provides the opportunity to work flexible hours around your own family commitments and achieve the work-life balance you deserve.

Tot-Pots was started by myself, Kat Gillespie shortly after my own children (twins) were just 9 months old. There was little choice on the super-market shelves and what was there contained preservatives (salt!). Well it had to contain preservatives, it had to sit on a supermarket shelf for over a week! So I'd cook meals myself to ensure my children got the best nutrition and balanced diet possible.

After chatting with friends, mums at play-groups and discussions on social media, I soon realised there was a local demand for providing homemade nutritious baby and toddler meals for busy parents and carers. So I did my research, applied for licenses and started cooking meals for local customers in my own home kitchen. 

I developed a series of recipes - all crammed with goodness, wrote up my HACCP Plan and sourced suppliers for my packaging. I created a website, social accounts, created images and other promotional items - I found my first customers and the rest just followed! 

So now I'm sharing all my hard work with YOU - I will show you how to set up and run your very own homemade nutritious baby and toddler meal business for busy parents and carers in your own area! Yes, you can do it too and I've made it SUPER EASY for you!

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If you're interested in starting your own home based baby and toddler meal business but you're not sure you've got what it takes, you're having doubts that you haven't got the right credentials, or maybe you just don't feel you can do this... then this FREE checklist is for you! It's a 4 page document which includes a list of 10 things you need to start your own successful home based food business.

Happy cooking!

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