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Increase your sales with just ONE simple step...

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

They used to say 'cash is king', but based on the increasing number of people using cards around the world, plastic money has become the payment mode of choice by many.

Do you sell direct to customers at local events, fetes and fayres? Are you accepting card payments? Perhaps you're taking orders over the phone or need to accept payment from customers online?

No matter what size your business, if you're not accepting card payments, you may be losing potential clients and income. Even if you're just starting out in your brand new little business, accepting card payments will do wonders for growing your business. No matter what you're selling or where you're selling from, you need a card reader system in your life!

3 benefits of accepting card payments

  1. Increases trust and legitimacy – Accepting card transactions not only attracts customers, but they’re also likely to think that your business is legitimate and can be trusted.

  2. Boosts sales and increases revenue – If your business is running a cash-only payment system, customers who prefer to use their cards will immediately leave and turn to other businesses who accept cashless transactions. By accepting credit card payments, you can significantly grow your customer base which leads to more sales and revenue.

  3. Satisfy existing and potential customers – Your business simply won’t exist without customers so it only makes sense to make an effort to please your customers. By having different payment options available, especially card payments, you’ll make your customers happy and encourage potential clients to become loyal customers.

Some business owners dismiss the idea of accepting card payments due to the notorious credit card transaction processing fees, on-going monthly fees and the high initial set-up costs. But things have moved on somewhat and there's now a glorious little card reader system available that you're going to LOVE!

The SumUp Card Reader System

I've been banging on about my little SumUp card reader gadget for years. I love it and my customers love it too and I can honestly say that it tripled my sales when I first started using it back in 2017.

The SumUp card reader system connects to my mobile phone wirelessly and the little card reader machine fits into my pocket, so when a customer wants to pay by card, I pull out the card reader, open the Sumup app on my mobile phone, enter the payment amount and the customer simply taps the card reader machine. You can even send the customer a receipt by email. My customers are still blown away by it's simplicity.

If you're customers aren't present, this clever little SumUp system allows you to email an invoice to your customers for online payment. It's so easy even my 6 year old can do it!

NEW! SumUp have recently introduced the functionality to set up an online store direct from your SumUp account so you can also start selling online today! Things just keep getting better...

What's the charges

There is NO initial set-up fee and NO monthly fees. You simply purchase the card reader machine (use my refer a friend link to get a discount) and SumUp charge you a 1.69% transaction fee (that's cheaper than iZettle and Paypal).

How to order a card reader

You simply order the card reader online via the SumUp website. You can use my Refer a Friend link to get a discount. At the time of writing you can buy the card reader system for just £14.50 using my refer a friend link.

Order a SumUp Card Reader System Here!

At just £14.50 can you afford not to buy one? Grab yourself a bargain, make your customers happy and increase your sales. Go, Go, Go...!! Happy sales 💰💰

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